Trader Joe’s: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

This right here was SO. DELICIOUS. I’ve had my fair share of vegan, non-vegan, and PKU cookies and I’ve got to say, this right here is amazing. For a packaged cookie the chocolate is so good, it’s a soft cookie (even when I left the bag open a bit), and it’s the perfect amount of sweetness. Try it out! It’s 2 grams of protein per cookie.

Sophies Kitchen: Vegan Smoked Salmon

The first time I tried this, I wasn’t convinced. Honestly, it was user error. I tried this years later (NOW) and I love it. I put this on my bagel with some vegan cream cheese and some everything but the bagel seasoning and it just fills me up. Sometimes I’ll even throw it on my avocado toast…

Better Than Bouillon

This is one thing I need to always have on hand in my household. I use this in soups, rice, pasta dishes, and so much more. Make sure you grab the organic one because that’s the one with 0 grams of protein. If I could recommend anything to you, it would be this.

UNREAL: Snickers!

This right here is 2 grams a piece. It’s such a nice little treat when I still have protein left in my day. It is a vegan version of a Snickers bar but is much smaller. It’s a great way to satisfy your chocolate craving!

Trader Joe’s: Vegan Banana Bread

This has to be my favorite store bought banana bread out there. My husband got this for me on our anniversary and it was like I fell in love again! So good! Especially for the days you don’t have time to make breakfast.

Be Leaf: Vegan Hot Dog

This right here is a good VEGAN option for hot dogs. I know Cambrooke has hot dogs but the casing isn’t vegan and I try to stay as plant based as possible. This is 3.4 grams of protein per hot dog. Pair it with any low protein bread or keep a look out for recipes on this site that incorporate this!