Vegetable Lo Mein

Vegetable Lo Mein

Nothing screams movie night like takeout! The problem is, most takeout places are high in protein. I had a craving for some lo mein and boy did that craving hit hard. Of course I couldn’t just order some so I had to get creative. Luckily, I had a bunch of the main ingredients in the fridge and pantry.

My first attempt at this recipe was a little too high in protein (3 grams for 1 serving) and that was due to the soy sauce. So, I rummaged through my pantry, found a bottle of coconut aminos, swapped out the soy sauce, and managed to get a lower protein value.

Low protein take out accomplished!


  • 124g Aproten Pasta (You can use Spaghetti or Linguine. I used Linguine because that’s what I had on hand)
  • 4g Green onions
  • 20g Carrots
  • 20g Celery
  • 40g Snow Peas
  • 20g Green Cabbage
  • 1 Tsp Minced Garlic
  • 1 Tsp Chili Garlic Sauce
  • 1.25 Tbs Sesame Oil
  • 2 Tbs Coconut Aminos
  • Salt


  1. Start off by making your noodles according to the packaging. Heat up a pot of water, salt the water, add the noodles when the water is boiling, and take the noodles out when they are soft and rinse with water.
  2. While your noodles are boiling, start prepping your washed veggies by shredding the celery, carrots, and dicing the green onions. (If you’re not a fan of the ends of the snow peas you can always cut those off)
  3. In a medium pan, pour in 1 Tbs of the sesame oil (note: you want to save .25 Tbs of the sesame oil for later.) Add in your carrots, snow peas, celery, garlic, and 1 Tbs of the coconut aminos. Sautee until the veggies start to wilt.
  4. Turn the heat down and add in your noodles. Sprinkle some salt on top, add in the rest of the sesame oil and coconut aminos, add in the chili garlic sauce, and then toss the veggies and noodles together.
  5. You can always add in some Sriracha, more coconut aminos, or chili garlic sauce.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1plate
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat8.8g
Saturated Fat1.09g
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate59.5g
Dietary Fiber1.25g

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